"Lest we forget"

A Web Site for the repatriation of the medals of
Commander E.T.Simmons DSO, DSC, RCNVR serving from 1939-1945

"Lest we forget"

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I thought that the best way to organize this section is by date, like a diary so with that in mind I will put links here for each day. This entry would be for Saturday Nov, 8 Beginning below I wiill add the dates as I get the time after answering the emails
Nov 8 Nov 10 Burial at Sea (1989)

Without revealing too much the response so far has been very encouraging.

It seems that since we've had most of our media coverage in Victoria, most of the donations are coming in from that area which makes sense.

Ergo... if we can start to generate this kind of coverage across Canada we may be able to reach our goal. So please send this link off to all and sundry you think may be interested.

I am receiving all kinds of information, pictures etc about the various events relating to this site, and very informative stories relating to World War II. I think all participants in that great struggle share a common bond and I would like to share their stories with permission of course.

I have the permission of one such gentleman, Mr. I. S. of Victoria which you may read here. He prefers to use his initials at this time, but if you wish to contact him. please email me with "contact i.s. victoria" in the subject line and I will forward the email to him.

Things are coming in a kind of random way so what I intend to do is post them from here and try to figure out a way to organize them as I go.

So if you're looking for new stuff, come to this page and look for the links. The links from this page will only be available through this page for now.

So on that note, here are some photos regarding the Beacon Hill sent to me from Victoria. .

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