"Lest we forget"

A Web Site for the repatriation of the medals of
Commander E.T.Simmons DSO, DSC, RCNVR serving from 1939-1945

"Lest we forget"

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Pictures courtesy of Matt Waterman, President Juan de Fuca Cadet Youth Society

A Veteran's Medal
A donor's Grandfather’s medals
(including a DSO)

Plaque relating to this picture
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Mayor Presenting it to Ted Simmons
aboard HMCS Beacon Hill

A Family Story associated with this Bell.

My sister, Deborah Susan Cotton (nee Simmons), was the first baby to be christened on board the Beacon Hill and family lore has it that the first child christened on a ship gets the bell. We have found through further enquiries that this isn't necessarily the case.

However, she was ecstatic to learn, after years of searching, that the bell resides safely at its current location for all to see.

We are now trying to find out if her initials are inscribed on the bell, as that was what we were told. I'll keep you informed. This task is being undertaken as I write this.