From: JS []
Sent: Monday, November 24, 2008 11:15 AM
Susan []
Subject: wallis and wallis response

Hello Susan

As mentioned in my previous email, I am spearheading a Canada wide effort as explained at regarding the plight of these medals featuring all the information regarding the progress to date, including the fact that they were being auctioned by Wallis and Wallis and that there were no bids and that we are in negoiations through Wallis and Wallis, with the owner.

Through the efforts of the web site set up for donations to bring these medals back to Canada, and the national television and radio coverage I have received, I have been able to raise 6,000 pounds, available to be paid out in a timely manner.

As the above amount includes both cash and pledges it will take time to assemble these funds for payment to Wallis and Wallis.

In previous discussions with Wallis and Wallis ( I emailed you my mailing address to confirm this before the auction date), it was explained to me that you would mail me an invoice for the total amount owed and that I would return the invoice with a cheque for the agreed amount.

As your current offer does not include these terms I suggest it would be in the owner's best interest to accept the collectors offer as we cannot match it in terms of price or timing.

The campaign that I started to secure my father's medals to be returned to Canada to be exhibited at the Esquimalt Naval Museum is one that is fully supported by the family of ET Simmons and his first wife Clementine Rachael Sanderson.

Much to my surprise after engaging on this quest, I have found it supported by many other Canadians from coast to coast that feel this is a very important part of Canada's war history as seen through their numerous small donations. Thank you
John (Joe) Simmons