From: JS []
Sent: Thursday, November 20, 2008 9:25 AM
To: 'Wallis and Wallis'
Subject: RE: Sale 501


I shall explain our situation. Through the efforts of the web site I set up for donations to bring these medals back to canada and the national television and radio coverage I have received, I have been able to raise 6,000 pounds, available now to be paid out.

If I were to have to raise more monies I would have to reinsititue the campaign and cannot be sure if we have reached out limit from donors, or whether there may be more interest out there or not.

I have appeared on a national tv morning show, several radio shows on the West Coast, there have been numerous newspaper articles etc. As a result of all these efforts as I mentioned above, I have been able to raise 6,000 pounds.

It I were to reinstistute the campaign, it may take a couple of weeks to come up with the higher figure if at all possible. With this is mind perhaps you could return to the owner and explain thsi situation, that there is 6000 pounds on hand as of this moment and that there is no guarantee that any more can be raised and perhaps determine her position.

I am available by email and\or phone. As I work all day on my computer, any email communication can be dealt with immediately.

Just so you are clear, these medals, immediately upon their purchase will be delivered to the Esquimalt Naval Museum, from which Ted Simmons first sailed aboard the Chambly to permanently honour his memory.

Thanks Joe Simmons