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"Lest we forget"

A Web Site for the repatriation of the medals of
Commander E.T.Simmons DSO, DSC, RCNVR serving from 1939-1945

"Lest we forget"

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A poem by Penelope

for Daddy

We are the forgotten ones
the ones who kept the homefires burning
we are the forgotten ones
we yearned across the seas of seasons
passing thru endless nights of prayer
and confusion

When you returned
I did not know you
when you came home
you were different

I tried to remember
what it was like
before you were a hero
the time we spent together..

. But now you go out to sea again
and I cry as you leave
your life behind to go
and fight the enemy
Each day passes and baby cries
Each night passes and the child
knows only the knawing of its Mother's heart alone
without comfort like the sea-crushes life of a stone

We, know sacrifice and love
the desire to help the wounded ones
and are quiet about the trauma
we witnessed.