"Lest we forget"

A Web Site for the repatriation of the medals of
Commander E.T.Simmons DSO, DSC, RCNVR serving from 1939-1945

"Lest we forget"

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Just some last minutes thoughts I would like to offer as the bidding time approaches on Tuesday November 18, at 6:00 am Eastern Standard Time.

I wish that everyone visiting this site and especially the people who have so kindly donated were sitting with me now.

The cards, notes and email correspondence has been overwhelming in their kindness and sincerity . What is quite apparent to me now is the genuine interest in having this bit of Canadian war history returned to its rightful place in Canada on public display for all who wish, may see it and reflect upon Canada's place in the world.

Although he was my father, the acts he preformed speak for themselves, and though I have heard from countless others who merit the same recognition, I am hoping that he can become a symbol for these and others and their families as representing all that this generation did for our great country during those years between 1939-1945.

So, please if there are any others out there that would like to pledge a sum of money contingent only on a successful outcome, contact me directly at 519-928-5904 or at info@etsimmons.ca so that we may harmonize our efforts on the day of the auction.

To return these medals to the Esquimalt Naval Museum is indeed the outcome that this effort truly deserves.

Thanks again for all those who have contributed.

Regardless of the outcome, this site will remain active after the auction and will be expanded to reflect the nature of these efforts.

John Simmons.

PS. Just wanted to post this note from anonymous donor Steve who wrote this note and enclosed some cash. Thank you very much.

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