Lest we Forget
"Lest we forget"

A Web Site to Honour all who
Served in the Royal Canadian Navy from 1939-1945

Lest we Forget
"Lest we forget"

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Letter from Queen Mother remembering Canada's contribution to England during World War 2

December 1, 2008 10:45 am est

Although we lost this particular skirmish, I do feel strongly that these medals will one day be returned to Canada for public display where they belong. For the story to date, please click on the Site History link above.

However, I believe this web site, in the interim will serve as a constant reminder of our efforts and have decided to extend its purpose to honour all who served in the Canadian Navy during World War 2.

The reason for this is all the letters I have received, stories that have been forwarded to me, and information in those pictures that I have collected over the last little while that have encouraged me to carry on.

I will leave the ability to accept donations on the site with the understanding that donations will go to helping maintaining and expanding this web site, now that the medals have appeared to have been sold to an unnamed English Collector, whose name cannot be revealed without his permission, which to date has not been revealed.

The way this site will be organized will be based on ship's name, and then within that section, I will post as much detail regarding that ship in chronological order as I receive.

I will post anecdotal information, i.e. presonal stories of individuals that served on those ships. These may be of a second hand nature. For example, much I will publish about my dad will be from stories he told to me as I was growing up.

Although facts will be important, I believe personal stories communicate a reality that facts cannot.

So please feel free to email me any content that you wish to see posted. Please include the ship's name, approximate date and explanation (if pictures etc)

If the picture includes sailors, please try and identify them if you can.

Well that's it for now. The old site is not gone but can be accessed by clicking on the Site History link above.

Thanks everyone for their wonderful support, and I will carry on this site in my father's name to honour all who served in the Royal Canadian Navy during World War 2.
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Badge of the Beacon Hill cira 1944
Badge of HMCS Beacon Hill, Commanded by
Lieutenant-Commander E.T. Simmons DSO, DSC 1944-45